Billboard Advertising Vs Newsprint

Billboard Advertising Vs Newsprint

Did you know – if you were to take out a first, full-page advert in The Telegraph newspaper, it would set you back around £51,000?

Alternatively, you could spend approximately the same amount on 150 large billboard advertising posters and they would be up for two weeks!

Of course, with newspapers, you hope the ‘right’ pairs of eyes are seeing your message. It’s meant to be targeted and should play some part in a structured campaign. However, with billboard advertising you reach such a broad mix of people, unless your product or service is totally niche, then there’s a lot to be said for having a further reaching campaign.

Zone Out – Or Zone In?

We also have to remember that print and online ads are everywhere, and a certain amount of time, the readers have learned to just ignore them. They’re ‘in the way’ of the reader’s search for particular or new information, so will fall into the background.

Show Me The Way To Go Home

The daily commute means a fixed route, and seeing something on a regular basis, in a fixed place, means impact and a deeper level of awareness. It’s proven that people remember things more clearly when it’s related to a physical location such as Billboard advertising.

Previous studies found that 71% of people often look at roadside Billboard advertising, (referring to digital Billboard advertising and the more traditional types of Billboard advertising). However, in contrast, Goo Technologies performed a study in 2014 which reported the clear majority of people (35%) ignored ads in newspapers, and a whopping 75% did the same to online banner ads (in newspaper sites).


Newspapers are a supposedly effective way to advertise for a niche or very targeted audience, but Billboard advertising can be targeted in the same way for particular areas, or cover a broader area or media (somewhere like a mall), that attracts all kinds of people.

Billboard advertising has a much warmer reception and is more visible – full stop!

When you compare reach and impact, print is nowhere near as effective as billboard advertising.

Print is s a very expensive way to advertise, and compared to billboard advertising there’s no real contest.

But the real killer fact that should convince any would-be billboard user is the following:

when newspapers advertise their product – they use billboard advertising to do it !!

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