Aluna Cocktail Bar Chooses Outdoor Advertising UK


Aluna, one of Birmingham’s best cocktail restaurants, have had a great success with their billboard advertising campaign, and that’s thanks to a mix of Aluna’s unique offerings, and the expertise of Outdoor Advertising UK.

When a client is looking for UK billboard advertising, it’s vital that the two gain an understanding of each other, because to be really effective it’s better if the advertising is strategically placed.

A client may come to us thinking they want or need a particular service, so to check, we begin the process by getting to understand them and their business, and then locating their target market. They may think they want billboard advertising in the Midlands, or perhaps London underground advertising. They may think they need to be advertising on the sides of buses, and it’s only when we’ve had that detailed initial chat, we can really form a picture of what will work.

Aluna is a concept unlike any other. They thrive on the adventurous and are dedicated to the art and practice of hospitality. They aim at a clientele who love to go out, have money to spare and perhaps a slightly younger audience than you may imagine cocktail drinkers to be.

They also offer a lot more than just cocktails (there’s amazing food and great music at Aluna bars, which are sited in Birmingham and Bristol). Once we knew all this, we could decide where to site their advertising, and in what form.

The Aluna campaign was classy and sophisticated, to reflect their target market. The billboards were designed to catch the eye as traffic passed, with a simple message, in alluring colours to suggest sophistication and style. And of course the word ‘cocktails’ was large enough not to be missed.

The sites selected were across town, including the vicinity of other areas with similar offerings – one of these was near Fort Dunlop, which hosts a hotel, workspace and outlets to eat and drink. Ideal for informing the target audience Aluna is looking for!

Dedicated to advancing the art and practice of hospitality, they pride themselves on providing a truly unique experience in giving everyone who walks through their doors a little snippet of molecular paradise. We recommend you try them for your cocktails, and us for your next advertising campaign.

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