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Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is one of the fastest growing forms of OOH advertising, which is why we at Outdoor Advertising UK Ltd have ensured that our clients have access to a wide range of both traditional and digital mobile marketing options. For modern businesses portraying a contemporary image, mobile billboard advertising can help you to reach those all-important demographics, either through a poster print or through eye-catching moving images, to boost impact and improve overall brand recall. From £250 per day, mobile billboard advertising is a cost-effective way to get your message across effectively.

When it comes to mobile billboard advertising, we give you complete control over how your campaign plays out. Our experienced ad-van drivers can follow a designated route designed by you, to ensure you’re targeting the areas where you’ll have the greatest impact. Alternatively, our skilled project managers here at Outdoor Advertising UK Ltd can work with you to create a route for maximum efficiency, drawing on our own experience within the industry to advise on the best course of action. Changed your mind? No problem! We maintain contact with our drivers at all times during their shift.

At Outdoor Advertising UK Ltd, we’re committed to giving our clients more and supporting them every step of the way with their marketing campaigns. That’s why we provide our ad-van drivers with digital cameras; so that they can document their shift, allowing us to provide our clients with a detailed report that not only shows the areas we covered but also presents the public’s response to your posters. We believe this additional insight helps our clients to fine tune their marketing plans, providing a greater understanding of the impact, and allowing our clients to clearly see which messages are getting through.

For clients with smaller needs, or for clients working on a tight marketing budget, we also offer a range of very financially practical mobile advertising options. We’re proud to have added a mini ad-van to our fleet, and work with a large network of talented ad-walkers who change their positioning to ensure they’re always in the most prominent location. A unique form of OOH advertising, we believe this really helps to boost brand awareness thanks to the bold, eye-catching, and vibrant LED backlit displays.

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Billboard Advertising

We cover the entire UK. Billboard advertising is still the only true 24/7 advertising medium that cannot be ignored, turned over, turned down or turned off!

Bus Stop Advertising

We cover the entire UK. Let us help you with your Bus Stop advertising, an advertising medium that never sleeps! We can book all available Bus Stop advertising anywhere in the UK.

Phone Box Advertising

We cover the entire UK. Available practically everywhere in the UK, Phone Box advertising is one of the most cost-effective forms of out of home advertising.

Bus Advertising

With just one single ad, bus advertising can help you deliver your message across a chosen city or region. Maximize reach with this cost-effective out of home advertising option.

Taxi Advertising

Gain unique coverage of your campaign with rail & taxi advertising, unlike other options rail and taxi advertising will carry your message through major and minor roads.

Mobile Advertising

With options like mobile billboards, ad walkers and ad vans you are sure to find something unique with mobile advertising.

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