Taxi Advertising

The success of mobile OOH advertising really depends upon the exact marketing techniques used, and we believe that one of the most effective methods is through taxi advertising. Some of the key locations we have operated in are London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Leeds just to name a few!

Thinking of trying Taxi Advertising?

Taxi advertising retains many of the same advantages as bus advertising, with the added benefit that it carries your message through both major and minor roads, bringing unique coverage that you simply won’t find with any other forms of mobile advertising. Reports show that businesses can reach upwards of 30 million customers each and every week in major cities, by incorporating taxi advertising into their campaigns.

Ideal for any business, whether business to business or business to customer, taxi advertising is a versatile approach to ensure you target a wide demographic.

Reach your maximum potential with Taxi Advertising.

Benefits of using Taxi Advertising

Taxi advertising is widely considered to be one of the most efficient ways for businesses to expand their audience, having the ability to reach target demographics in a variety of locations including at airports, train stations, hotels and museums. These leisure and business based locations are especially important for companies striving to improve recognition and awareness of their brand on a global basis. They can increase opportunities to reach visitors from other countries that have may have no prior knowledge of the brand, without needing to physically expand a campaign to other regions, helping to save money. If you think about the sizes of the biggest cities in the UK such as Birmingham, Manchester or London you can imagine that taxis are able to journey all the streets and neighborhoods while your message gets sent across. 

Taxi Advertising – Available Formats

There are different formats when it comes to taxi advertising which means you can get your message across in various creative ways. Taxi advertising includes:

Spersides– the strong vinyl wrap will be plastered across the doors and the sides of the taxi.

Full wraps & full liveries– the canvas will cover the whole exterior of the taxi which means you get full control of how creative you want your ad to look like. 

Tip seats– traveling passengers will notice the advert placed inside the cab. 

UK Taxi Advertising Insights

The UK’s major cities have extensive and very recognisable taxis, London’s ubiquitous black cabs are now prevalent in every major UK city and can be readily customised to suit your needs. Because of the different format options available you can be as subtle or as daring as you want to be. Here are some insights into how effective taxi advertising in the UK can be:

It’s a fairly well-established fact that branded taxis can help to fuel future purchases, reach important decision-makers and increase brand awareness. Why not transform your business today with OOH Taxi Advertising in the UK.

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