About Directive and Awareness Billboard Advertising

Directive And Awareness Billboard Advertising

Billboard advertising has often been used as a medium to not only make a customer aware of an advertisers’ products, services or ideas, but to also direct that potential customer to the advertiser’s premises.

They have been very successful in directing passing traffic from a main road to a side road premises, or to make the passing traffic realise there is something of interest in front of (or even behind) them!

We have been asked to find more and more site/area-specific billboard advertising for a growing number of clients, as over the last few years there’s been a reduction in the numbers of billboards available in the market place. This has resulted in some advertisers losing their directive/awareness billboards advertising.

Bespoke Directive/Awareness Billboard Advertising

To this end, we are offering a bespoke billboard advertising service whereby we can try and reinstall the original billboard advertising, or find another one to replace it.

Ongoing billboard advertising enables advertisers to not only influence short-term, impulse decisions but also helps to build subtle product or service perceptions in the consumer’s mind for when a need arises at a later time.

A large static billboard advertising poster cannot be switched off or switched to another channel, returned to another station or have the page turned on it, so it communicates in a less disruptive manner, delivering useful information to the consumer as opposed to interrupting them.

Billboard Advertising:

– Gives a 24/7 display – always visible to potential customers

– Increases local awareness

– Builds your brand

– Notifies of any new store openings

– Has directional benefits

– Can be used for competitor targeting

– Is cost-effective

– Offers key locations (main road and high dwell time locations)

– Is proven across all sectors to contribute to business successes e.g. motor dealers, supermarkets, furniture stores, electrical outlets, solicitors, accountants, educational establishments, travel agents, retail outlets etc..

– Options include directional or location-based communication or simply to serve as an ongoing message to the community that the business operates locally.

Cost effective billboard advertising with these long-term displays can be rented from around £25 +vat per day, based upon a long-term rental.

Interest in replacing these billboard advertising sites is growing all the time. If you’ve had a billboard removed and would like to see if there is a possibility of having it reinstated, or if you’d like to see how directional/awareness billboard advertising can work for you, please contact us now.

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