Truck Advertising Gets Your Message Going Further

Truck Advertising Gets Your Message Going Further

At Outdoor Advertising, we know that target audiences don’t stay still, they commute to work, and they drive to meetings etc. The UK’s major road network they use to do this is currently very hard to reach with traditional billboards, so one very effective way to reach those drivers is to take your advertising on the same roads they drive, by truck!

The incredible reach and recall associated with truck advertising makes truck advertising not only one of the most impactful mediums available but also the most cost-effective. As the advertising reaches the general public on a mass scale, each trailer will be seen by over 55,000 motorists on a daily basis. That averages out at just 75p per thousand people reached!

This flexible medium can be used to target the UK as a whole, or a region, or along a specific route in some circumstances. We have even been asked to launch international campaigns.

We’re proud to offer a wide range of different truck advertising formats, giving our clients control over how their message reaches their audiences.

From a fully-wrapped truck (putting your adverts on both sides and the rear ), through to one or both sides giving you a huge branding space equivalent to a 96 sheet billboard.

You can even just have the rear doors, which is one of our most popular budget options due to the opportunity for longer copy thanks to its incredible average dwell time of 48 seconds.

Truck advertising is one of the most overlooked outdoor advertising mediums as most people aren’t aware that it is even an option. However, they are keen to get their campaign on the road once they hear about the benefits of reaching a mobile, yet highly receptive audience.

Get in touch today to get your advertising going further.

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