Using Bus Advertising For Educational Establishments

Using Bus Advertising For Educational Establishments

When the coalition government introduced the annual university fee of £9k in 2012, it’s widely believed there was a large drop in applications to universities. However, in a follow-up report from UCAS, this demonstrated the drop was, in fact, only 1%, with an actual increase in ‘the proportion of 18-year-olds in the population who apply to university – by a whopping 37%!’

In real terms, that means there’s a wealth of choice and opportunity for applicants, so the competition for educational establishments to attract interest is actually fiercer than ever.

So how do you ‘up the game’ and get people through your doors?

One of the strategies we’d suggest is proven to be effective in this field, and it’s that of bus advertising.

Bus Advertising In The UK

Advertising comes in many forms – all of which have the potential to help your brand raise its profile. Our observations on the effectiveness of bus advertising are based on our own experience, and also the results of varying surveys, which show consistently increased applications to educational establishments on the back of these campaigns.

Bus Advertising Formats

Standard bus formats include Lower Rears, Mega Rears, T-Sides, and Super Sides, depending on your needs. A campaign could include a variety of formats or just one – whatever’s right for you.

Why Choose Bus Advertising For Your College, School or Uni?

Buses are mobile. They go places, and they’re read – whether you’re walking by, or sitting behind one in the car – you can’t miss the message.

You can choose the Depot that best covers the areas to seek out your ideal consumer, and of course, because buses do the same routes over and over within those areas, the message is re-enforced ( and don’t forget, because of their height, the advertising isn’t obstructed.)

Our Clients

Outdoor Advertising Ltd has enjoyed excellent relationships with many clients in this sector including Tower Hamlets College, Redbridge College, and Hackney Community College Group;

And of course, we’re always here to discuss future campaigns with other clients.

If you need advice on bus advertising anywhere in the UK, why not take advantage of our expertise and friendly service?

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