At Home Estate Agency Generated Some Great Local Exposure

Paul With Train Station Ad

At Home Estate Agency, based in Horsham, and passionate about moving clients to their next home using their own unique formula of selling and marketing properties, are using Billboard Advertising at Horsham Station to promote awareness in the region.

Amazon use Billboard Advertising to drive Carrier Onboarding

Amazon Billboard Advertising

Amazon Relay UK recently decided to use Billboard Advertising and Motorway Service Advertising to drive Carrier Onboarding. Amazon Relay UK gives Carriers the opportunity to build and grow their transportation business, and thought Billboard Advertising would reach their target audience. High growth potential, fast hassle-free payments & world class technology are some of the benefits […]

Animal Aid Uses Creative Bus Stop Advertisements to Raise Awareness

Try Vegan

The Bus Stop advertising feature various animals, some of whom have been saved from slaughter and now live at an animal sanctuary; the adverts can be found in Brighton, Birmingham, Canterbury and Leeds.

The Summer Vegan Pledge is the perfect opportunity for those who aren’t yet vegan to give it a try for the month of June. Participants will get all of the help and advice they need throughout the month, and beyond. They will receive a Welcome Pack which is full of nutritional advice, recipes and advice on alternatives to animal products, as well as discount vouchers for some of the UK’s most well-known vegan eateries!

If you happen to spot any of them, be sure to snap a picture and send it to us!

Six Great Tips For Creating A Billboard With Impact

Six Great Tips For Creating A Billboard With Impact

We drive past them every day – from posters at bus stops through to towering sites on flyovers. But how many of them do we remember – and for what reason?

An ad may strike you because you happen to see it at the right time. You’re looking for a new car or that killer lipstick – and something in the ad makes you remember it. Or it may just be a case that the idea behind it is so clever, or funny, or alluring – it stays with you, regardless of whether you ‘need’ the product. Of course, if it creates the desire within you, and you follow on to purchase the product, then it’s done its job perfectly.

So what are the steps to great billboard advertising?

1. Not Too Wordy

With the exception of Coca Cola’s ad that began ‘Lipsmackin’, thirst-quenchin’, ace-tastin’, motivatin’ (you know the rest!), the general rule is that less is more. Six words or fewer make the greatest impact – and this is literally where every word counts. People drive by in seconds, and if you can grab them with your six words, and get the message across, that’s what it’s all about.

Great examples would be:

A car advert. Alongside the sleek photography, the caption invites people to ‘Satisfy Your Speed Tooth’
A mattress company, with an image of two people on a bed saying ‘Sleep With Us’
And a billboard selling billboard space: ‘Do billboards work? This one did!’
The only exception to this ‘rule’ is in areas of high traffic and rush hour. In areas where people are likely to be captive, in front of the billboard for a while, you do have time to give more information.

2. Use Outstanding Photography.

If you are using photography, it has to be of the highest quality. It’s different rules for plain backgrounds or drawings, but use the best product photographer you can find for product-based images. And the best ‘life’ photographer for people. Doing your research in advance will pay huge dividends.

3. Remember – People Don’t Have To Act On It There And Then

Direct response isn’t necessary. If you want an immediate response, it’s another method you need to employ to reach your customers. A billboard is to inform, to create desire and interest. So don’t worry about including details of phone numbers, Facebook pages and Twitter handles.

4. Clever Is Good, But Too Clever And They Won’t Get It!

If you are advertising something with mass appeal, then it has to reach out to everyone. That’s where a broad appeal message will work.

If it’s a niche market or a targeted market, and you only need to reach those who already ‘get’ your subject matter, then you can afford to use jargon, or industry terms that only they will ‘get’.

Think in terms of who you want to reach – your target has a neighbourhood, a place of work, interests, a name. You’ll have done some profiling, and be able to work out which of the options above will best suit the approach.

5. Spread Yourself Around

As many sites as possible is always preferable. Someone sees you at traffic lights, then 2 miles down the road you’re above them again on an underpass. You pop up again as they leave the underpass, and then they spot you several times as they’re walking through town – maybe at bus stops or in the local shopping centre.

You’re doing a pretty good job of reinforcing yourself and embedding into their consciousness this way, so spend as much of your budget as you can on getting seen. That way, you’ll leave an imprint for when they need what you have to offer.

6. Think Differently and Creatively

2D advertising is fine, but if you can incorporate other elements, like moving parts or 3D models, then even better! If it makes people say ‘wow – that’s clever’, it’s bound to have more impact.

Aluna Cocktail Bar Chooses Outdoor Advertising UK


Aluna, one of Birmingham’s best cocktail restaurants, have had a great success with their billboard advertising campaign, and that’s thanks to a mix of Aluna’s unique offerings, and the expertise of Outdoor Advertising UK.

When a client is looking for UK billboard advertising, it’s vital that the two gain an understanding of each other, because to be really effective it’s better if the advertising is strategically placed.

A client may come to us thinking they want or need a particular service, so to check, we begin the process by getting to understand them and their business, and then locating their target market. They may think they want billboard advertising in the Midlands, or perhaps London underground advertising. They may think they need to be advertising on the sides of buses, and it’s only when we’ve had that detailed initial chat, we can really form a picture of what will work.

Aluna is a concept unlike any other. They thrive on the adventurous and are dedicated to the art and practice of hospitality. They aim at a clientele who love to go out, have money to spare and perhaps a slightly younger audience than you may imagine cocktail drinkers to be.

They also offer a lot more than just cocktails (there’s amazing food and great music at Aluna bars, which are sited in Birmingham and Bristol). Once we knew all this, we could decide where to site their advertising, and in what form.

The Aluna campaign was classy and sophisticated, to reflect their target market. The billboards were designed to catch the eye as traffic passed, with a simple message, in alluring colours to suggest sophistication and style. And of course the word ‘cocktails’ was large enough not to be missed.

The sites selected were across town, including the vicinity of other areas with similar offerings – one of these was near Fort Dunlop, which hosts a hotel, workspace and outlets to eat and drink. Ideal for informing the target audience Aluna is looking for!

Dedicated to advancing the art and practice of hospitality, they pride themselves on providing a truly unique experience in giving everyone who walks through their doors a little snippet of molecular paradise. We recommend you try them for your cocktails, and us for your next advertising campaign.

NHS Recruitment Campaign Through Effective Billboard Advertising

Nhs Recruitment

ed Rocket Graphic Design won a tender to support Wiltshire’s biggest NHS organisation, Great Western Hospital, with their latest recruitment campaign.

They photographed NHS staff from doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, midwives and admin staff, showcasing the real stars of the show.

After producing various advertisements ranging from posters, large-scale banners, bus stop advertisements etc they completed the campaign by contacting Outdoor Advertising UK Ltd.

We were able to offer them a choice of Billboard advertising, Bus Stop advertising and Bus advertising options within the areas of interest.

The photos show the Rear of Bus advertising and Large billboard advertising in Swindon’s town centre.

“Thank you Red Rocket. It is a great campaign and we really enjoyed working with you.” Oonagh Fitzgerald, Director of Human Resources

Billboard Advertising Vs Newsprint

Billboard Advertising Vs Newsprint

Did you know – if you were to take out a first, full-page advert in The Telegraph newspaper, it would set you back around £51,000?

Alternatively, you could spend approximately the same amount on 150 large billboard advertising posters and they would be up for two weeks!

Of course, with newspapers, you hope the ‘right’ pairs of eyes are seeing your message. It’s meant to be targeted and should play some part in a structured campaign. However, with billboard advertising you reach such a broad mix of people, unless your product or service is totally niche, then there’s a lot to be said for having a further reaching campaign.

Zone Out – Or Zone In?
We also have to remember that print and online ads are everywhere, and a certain amount of time, the readers have learned to just ignore them. They’re ‘in the way’ of the reader’s search for particular or new information, so will fall into the background.

Show Me The Way To Go Home
The daily commute means a fixed route, and seeing something on a regular basis, in a fixed place, means impact and a deeper level of awareness. It’s proven that people remember things more clearly when it’s related to a physical location such as Billboard advertising.

Previous studies found that 71% of people often look at roadside Billboard advertising, (referring to digital Billboard advertising and the more traditional types of Billboard advertising). However, in contrast, Goo Technologies performed a study in 2014 which reported the clear majority of people (35%) ignored ads in newspapers, and a whopping 75% did the same to online banner ads (in newspaper sites).

Newspapers are a supposedly effective way to advertise for a niche or very targeted audience, but Billboard advertising can be targeted in the same way for particular areas, or cover a broader area or media (somewhere like a mall), that attracts all kinds of people.

Billboard advertising has a much warmer reception and is more visible – full stop!

When you compare reach and impact, print is nowhere near as effective as billboard advertising.

Print is s a very expensive way to advertise, and compared to billboard advertising there’s no real contest.

But the real killer fact that should convince any would-be billboard user is the following:

when newspapers advertise their product – they use billboard advertising to do it !!

About Directive and Awareness Billboard Advertising

Directive And Awareness Billboard Advertising

Billboard advertising has often been used as a medium to not only make a customer aware of an advertisers’ products, services or ideas, but to also direct that potential customer to the advertiser’s premises.

They have been very successful in directing passing traffic from a main road to a side road premises, or to make the passing traffic realise there is something of interest in front of (or even behind) them!

We have been asked to find more and more site/area-specific billboard advertising for a growing number of clients, as over the last few years there’s been a reduction in the numbers of billboards available in the market place. This has resulted in some advertisers losing their directive/awareness billboards advertising.

Bespoke Directive/Awareness Billboard Advertising
To this end, we are offering a bespoke billboard advertising service whereby we can try and reinstall the original billboard advertising, or find another one to replace it.

Ongoing billboard advertising enables advertisers to not only influence short-term, impulse decisions but also helps to build subtle product or service perceptions in the consumer’s mind for when a need arises at a later time.

A large static billboard advertising poster cannot be switched off or switched to another channel, returned to another station or have the page turned on it, so it communicates in a less disruptive manner, delivering useful information to the consumer as opposed to interrupting them.

Billboard Advertising:
– Gives a 24/7 display – always visible to potential customers

– Increases local awareness

– Builds your brand

– Notifies of any new store openings

– Has directional benefits

– Can be used for competitor targeting

– Is cost-effective

– Offers key locations (main road and high dwell time locations)

– Is proven across all sectors to contribute to business successes e.g. motor dealers, supermarkets, furniture stores, electrical outlets, solicitors, accountants, educational establishments, travel agents, retail outlets etc..

– Options include directional or location-based communication or simply to serve as an ongoing message to the community that the business operates locally.

Cost effective billboard advertising with these long-term displays can be rented from around £25 +vat per day, based upon a long-term rental.

Interest in replacing these billboard advertising sites is growing all the time. If you’ve had a billboard removed and would like to see if there is a possibility of having it reinstated, or if you’d like to see how directional/awareness billboard advertising can work for you, please contact us now.