Amazon use Billboard Advertising to drive Carrier Onboarding

Amazon Billboard Advertising

Amazon Relay UK recently decided to use Billboard Advertising and Motorway Service Advertising to drive Carrier Onboarding.

Amazon Relay UK gives Carriers the opportunity to build and grow their transportation business, and thought Billboard Advertising would reach their target audience.

High growth potential, fast hassle-free payments & world class technology are some of the benefits offered by Amazon Relay.

Amazon Relay is an online website that allows transportation companies to multiply their routes and grow their business, enhancing their financial performance, and by using Billboard Advertising and Motorway Service Advertising they found an effective way to target potential partners.

Amazon Relay offers a wide selection of loads, hassle free booking options, weekly payments and world class technology for free.

Simply look at the Billboard Advertising photos to see use the web site address to register, or search for Amazon Relay to book loads at the click of a button.

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