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The Use of Humour In Advertising

The Use of Humour In Advertising

If someone makes you laugh at a party or social event – you enjoy yourself more, and you’re more likely to seek them out when you see them across a crowded room next time. In short – you remember them.

The same goes for advertising. Creatives, designers and advertisers worldwide know that humour sticks. It’s not science – it’s comedy, plain and simple. So let’s take a look at some of the funniest and best campaigns worldwide, for a variety of reasons. Here’s hoping it inspires you along the way!!

Manhattan Storage Company

This company got it in a nutshell! They offered storage at a price to appeal to young people, whilst getting across the message that choosing to store with them, meant they didn’t have to spend time with their parents!

19567647779_34471dd5bb_b (1)



Air Asia

When a word sounds ‘naughty’ it’s going to grab attention. And this one did the trick in spades thanks to the gift of a destination named Phuket!

AirAsiaphuket (1)



Fantastic play on words, guaranteed to make everyone remember. So much so, Hoover is now not only a product name, but has now become a verb. How many times have you said, I’m going to Hoover the carpet?

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Comedy Central

This tv channel got the message across literally – there is no occasion that’s not ripe for comedy.

comedy (1)


Audi –v- BMW

This blog charts the historic rivalry between the German iconic brands, with their billboard war that began in LA. Absolute genius!

Audi-vs-BMW-Billboard-Ad-war-1-610x362 (1)


Hallmark Cards

And don’t we know it!

i_1496_billboards-humorous-008 (1)


So what’s the lesson here? We think it’s all about targeting. Know your market, aim with complete conviction and you’ll convert the demographic that suits the brand. You will never reach everyone, so make it as appropriate, funny, risqué or clever as your target market demands, and don’t worry about the rest!

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