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Reaching Out To The Community Through Advertising

Reaching Out To The Community Through Advertising

There are many sectors of the community that need to be ‘reached’ in different ways, and when it comes to those who may feel isolated through issues of health, religion or sexuality, then it’s a very effective medium.

In these cases – billboards fulfil dual roles. The first is of course that it reaches the intended audience. It informs them of their options – the existence of a support group, maybe a helpline number to call or a website address.

The second is that it ‘educates’ others who were unaware of the issue, or keeps people updated on happenings.  We’ve only got to look back to the HIV campaigns of the 1980s. From something nobody had heard of, it thanks to a robust and prolonged campaign (Don’t Die of Ignorance)… everyone became more informed, and understanding of the disease.

And it’s these qualities that our client Purity Headwear is looking to harness with their new campaign for headwear for those with hair loss.

The aim of the campaign is to show that, regardless of whether you’re male or female, adult or child, hair loss can happen. But this doesn’t have to mean the end of your self-esteem.

Purity Headwear want to demonstrate their range of products, allowing people to maintain a sense of style, fashion and most of all, their identity. Outdoor Advertising Ltd recently conducted a campaign for them, based around bus stop advertising to inform potential users of their options.

Check out Purity’s website for further information.

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