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Cut Advertising and Prepare to Be Forgotten!

Cut Advertising and Prepare to Be Forgotten!

Customer familiarisation is a really important concept when it comes to getting your product recognised.

It’s repetition that ingrains something into someone’s mind – and that’s true whatever the subject matter. If you’re looking to advertise outdoors in and around the Midlands, then it makes good sense to consider an on-going campaign, in order to make your point.

There’s a saying in advertising that, ‘a man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time’ – and we couldn’t agree more.  Outdoor Advertising Ltd has been in business for many years, and we know from experience the best campaigns are the considered ones, with longevity.

If you’re unsure as to your next step – perhaps these key points about communication will help you decide. And don’t forget – we’re only a phone call away. We have access to major influential advertising outlets country-wide, at excellent rates.

Advertising is:

  1. Being seen.
    Familiarity fosters preferences. And these bring with them long-term loyalty.  
  2. Continual Marketing.
    Marketing is not an ‘as and when’ process. It’s continual. Build the brand name and keep it in front of people. Even huge names like Cadburys and Coca Cola keep up the advertising, don’t they?
  3. Presenting Evidence.
    When times get hard, customers make choices about what they can and can’t afford. What’s a luxury and what’s a necessity? This is the time you need to shout louder and reinforce your name, ensuring you stay in the ‘necessity’ bracket!
  4. Being seen over the competition:
    If your competitor goes into hiding – NOW is the time to strike. And keep on striking so you can capture (and maintain) a larger portion of the market (and customer minds)!


How to Act In A Weak Economy

If the economy is weak, then it’s especially important to market your business. Unfortunately – it’s a vicious cycle, and again – if you don’t make a move – you’ll be left behind.

However, it’s also the time that attitudes start to shift. People search for things that offer ‘more’ – whether that’s value, opportunities, service, meaning, status – or whatever.

Tell them you’re out there. Speak to them and demonstrate how you can offer what they need. And don’t forget to stay brand-relevant during changing times. When times change – your approach needs to change with it.


A Great Example of Continual Advertising

Go Compare  – who can ignore it? Especially when a recent billboard advertising campaign across the country was seemingly spray-painted over recently by people keen to tell the fictional opera singer just where he should ‘Go’!

But the graffiti was actually just a clever marketing ploy from the makers of the adverts, which have become infamous for their irritating jingle.

One Billboard, in Birmingham, has been changed to say “Go and get some singing lessons”,  and another Billboard tells the character to ‘Go and jump off a cliff.’

In this case, Billboard Advertising reinforced the television campaign and was hugely successful.


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