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Truck Advertising Gets Your Message Going Further

At Outdoor Advertising, we know that target audiences don’t stay still, they commute to work, and they drive to meetings etc. The UK’s major road network they use to do this is currently very hard to reach with traditional billboards, so one very effective way to reach those drivers is to take your advertising on the same roads they drive, by truck!   (more…)

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Bus Advertising

Using Bus Advertising For Educational Establishments

When the coalition government introduced the annual university fee of £9k in 2012, it’s widely believed there was a large drop in applications to universities. However, in a follow-up report from UCAS, this demonstrated the drop was, in fact, only 1%, with an actual increase in ‘the proportion of 18-year-olds in the population who apply to university – by a whopping 37%!’   (more…)

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Reaching Out To The Community Through Advertising

There are many sectors of the community that need to be ‘reached’ in different ways, and when it comes to those who may feel isolated through issues of health, religion or sexuality, then it’s a very effective medium.

In these cases – billboards fulfil dual roles. The first is of course that it reaches the intended audience. It informs them of their options – the existence of a support group, maybe a helpline number to call or a website address.


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The Use of Humour In Advertising

If someone makes you laugh at a party or social event – you enjoy yourself more, and you’re more likely to seek them out when you see them across a crowded room next time. In short – you remember them.

The same goes for advertising. Creatives, designers and advertisers worldwide know that humour sticks. It’s not science – it’s comedy, plain and simple. So let’s take a look at some of the funniest and best campaigns worldwide, for a variety of reasons. Here’s hoping it inspires you along the way!!


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Cut Advertising and Prepare to Be Forgotten!

Customer familiarisation is a really important concept when it comes to getting your product recognised.

It’s repetition that ingrains something into someone’s mind – and that’s true whatever the subject matter. If you’re looking to advertise outdoors in and around the Midlands, then it makes good sense to consider an on-going campaign, in order to make your point.


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Animal Aid Posters Show Lethal Reality of Grand National

Showing just how effective poster advertising can be, are the posters that appeared this week on the London Underground, funded by Animal Aid.

Adorning the walls alongside the escalators, in direct eyeline where they can’t be ignored by London’s underground passengers, are the posters showing the lethal reality for the horses that are forced to compete.

For the punters, it’s an annual get together – a chance to drink and bet on their favourites. But the posters tell another story.


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How Much Does It Cost For Billboard Advertising?

How much does it cost for billboard advertising is one of the first questions a company asks when they are planning a new campaign. And because prices vary so much, it absolutely pays to do some research. This is because different cities cost more than others. Different sites can be more expensive (depending on the footfall and traffic going past to see them). Do you want the billboard to be backlit? Or to have any additional special features? And is it better to choose a shopping centre, a telephone box, a billboard or the sides of buses or taxis? Or a mixture of them all?


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Screwfix Drill down to Key Advertising Areas

With so many ways of advertising your products and services, it’s essential to do key research before committing yourself to a campaign. Nobody wants to spend money on something that won’t be seen, or that will be seen by the wrong people.


With years of experience, this research is something we can do for you as standard. And this was recognised recently when Screwfix selected Outdoor Advertising UK Ltd for a localised campaign to advertise the opening of their new store in Bournemouth.


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The Most Iconic Billboards Of All Time

Outdoor advertising is everywhere, but in its largest form, the ‘Billboard’ is the most eye-catching. It’s a science and an art, but whilst advertising campaigns come and go – some have an impact that stays long after the posters come down. What is it that makes them stand out?


The most iconic of them all – ‘Hello Boys!’ (1994)

When Eva Herzigova greeted male drivers with the iconic ‘Hello Boys’ in her billboard ads back in 1994, it not only propelled her to stardom, but thousands of motorists into a frenzy.

Blamed for causing both high temperatures and countless accidents, the ad was voted the most ‘iconic’ of the past few decades, in a poll by the outdoor advertising trade body, the Outdoor Media Centre.

Whilst feminists were up in arms, calling the advert ‘degrading’, other women were rushing to the stores in their millions, revitalising their love lives and Wonderbra’s profits, whilst the campaign remains one of the most influential in the history of advertising.


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Aluna Cocktail Bar Chooses Outdoor Advertising UK to Host Midlands Campaign

Aluna, one of Birmingham’s best cocktail restaurants, have had a great success with their billboard advertising campaign, and that’s thanks to a mix of Aluna’s unique offerings, and the expertise of Outdoor Advertising UK.


When a client is looking for UK billboard advertising, it’s vital that the two gain an understanding of each other, because to be really effective it’s better if the advertising is strategically placed.


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