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Animal Aid Posters Show Lethal Reality of Grand National

Animal Aid Posters Show Lethal Reality of Grand National

Showing just how effective poster advertising can be, are the posters that appeared this week on the London Underground, funded by Animal Aid.

Adorning the walls alongside the escalators, in direct eyeline where they can’t be ignored by London’s underground passengers, are the posters showing the lethal reality for the horses that are forced to compete.

For the punters, it’s an annual get together – a chance to drink and bet on their favourites. But the posters tell another story.

Featuring a shocking image of horses falling, it’s accompanied by the words;


Grand National Meeting
48 horses dead since 2000.
Don’t Bet on the Grand National


The posters show the death of Dooneys Gate, who broke his back at the notorious Beecher’s Brook in 2011. However, Animal Aid had to cover the stricken horse’s tortured face with the word ‘graphic’, in order to get the posters permitted.

The posters were seen immediately, and the response was swift, with Twitter alight with support and pledges to ensure as many people get to see it, and don’t bet.

A mass protest is due to take place at the gates of the Aintree Racecourse on the day of the Grand National race (8 April), along with a simultaneous London-based protest outside of ITV which will be televising the Grand National Meeting.

And that’s the power of a good poster! Impactful visuals, strong message and great placement.

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