Phone Box Advertising

We cover the entire U.K. Available practically everywhere in the UK, Phone Box advertising is one of the most cost effective forms of out of home advertising ideal for raising awareness of nationwide or regional campaign.

The perfect Street Talk, Street Wise, Street Furniture medium for cost effective outdoor advertising reaching a diverse audience

Although mobile phones have taken over from landline telephones, and have left traditional phone boxes somewhat obsolete in terms of telephone communications, Phone Boxes have  fast become an essential tool for marketing. Why? Because telephone boxes are typically located in some of the most desirable advertising locations; busy city centres and bustling local high streets, where advertising is likely to reach a diverse audience and have maximum effect. These prominent locations allow our clients to showcase their products, services, and ideas exactly where their target audiences can’t miss them – right in front of them as they shop!

Unlike other forms of advertising, such as underground advertising, for example, which is largely region-specific, phone box advertising has a unique advantage. It’s available practically anywhere in the UK, which makes it ideal for raising awareness of nationwide campaigns. One of the most effective forms of OOH advertising, phone box advertising targets audiences during shopping trips, a time when they’re in a position to be making important purchasing decisions. At Outdoor Advertising UK Ltd, we’ve found that this ‘outdated’ form of outdoor advertising can actually have a huge effect on marketing success.

A further advantage of phone box advertising is that it’s changing, and we now have a digital aspect for phone box advertising . This makes phone box advertising one of the most cost effective forms of OOH advertising. At Outdoor Advertising UK Ltd, we’re committed to helping our clients to save money on their marketing campaigns, freeing up internal financial resources for further growth opportunities. We can offer our clients phone box advertising from as little as £90 per week. Please contact us for more information.

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