At Outdoor Advertising UK Ltd, we’ve found that many of our nationwide clients enjoy huge campaign success through bus stop advertising. Because it’s not limited to a single area or region of the country, bus stop advertising, like phone box advertising, is particularly suited to businesses striving to deliver their message effectively and efficiently all across the UK, while simultaneously maintaining ad consistency. Outdoor Advertising UK Ltd are proud to have such a large network of bus stops and bus shelters, with access to more than 70,000 stops, for the purpose of powerful advertising for UK businesses.

Bus stop advertising has the major advantage that it’s one of the most flexible and versatile forms of OOH advertising. Our clients appreciate that they have fewer limitations and greater freedom when it comes to designing the size of their posters and prints, having the option to increase – or decrease – the number of bus stop panels as necessary, based on each individual advert or marketing campaign. This makes bus stop advertising ideal for both large and small campaigns, giving you more control over how you deliver your message to your target audience. At Outdoor Advertising UK Ltd, we’re dedicated to giving our clients more.

For businesses looking to target a diverse audience, a flexible form of outdoor advertising is essential. Unlike Tube advertising, for example, which primarily targets users of public transport, bus stop advertising reaches a wider demographic, being placed in prominent positions for not only bus users, but also pedestrians, shoppers, workers, and motorists. Whether you’re looking to place an ad on thousands of shelters across the country, on bus stops within a specific region, or simply on a single bus shelter, we’ll work with you to determine the most effective option for your campaign. Bus stop advertising costs from just £120.00 per week.

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