At Outdoor Advertising UK Ltd, we know that your target audiences aren’t static; they’re on the move, so we believe that our client’s promotional materials should be on the move, too. Bus advertising is one of the most effective forms of outdoor mobile publicity, helping you to deliver your message all across your chosen city – or chosen region – with just a single ad. It is a cost effective marketing solution for many businesses, offering exceptional value for money, with adverts from just £40 per week, and allowing you to open communications with pedestrians, motorists, shoppers, and public transport users.

We’re proud to offer a wide range of different bus advertising options, giving our clients more control over how they get their message across to their audiences. From bus advertising on bus rears and lower side bus streetliners, to promotional materials on bus supersides and bus T panels, this is a very flexible and fluid form of outdoor advertising that can be tailored to fit in with any type of marketing campaign. For larger companies striving to have a more significant impact, Outdoor Advertising UK Ltd recommend back of bus wraps, complete bus wraps, passenger interior panel promotion, and standout headliners.

Bus advertising is often one of the first forms of OOH advertising that our clients choose, thanks to its mobile nature that greatly increases the number of people who view the advert – without bumping up the price tag. Get in touch with Outdoor Advertising UK Ltd to find out about bus advertising opportunities.

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